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Post – travel depression


Hi everybody!

It has been 3 days since I arrived home and I wanted to see how my mood change after being at home again, that’s why I only write this post now.

As always I had a quite serious post travel depression, mainly because I have to adjust back to the family’s life. When I was travelling alone I could do things whatever, whenever, however I wanted, but now all that changed and I need to adjust to it.

What happened exactly?

After I arrived home on 5th January, I met my friend and I felt extremely tired and sleepy. I guess I had jetlag. Later that day I only slept and woke up at 4am the next day. On 6th I felt empty and I missed adventure. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I only stayed at home and I worked on my online course, started to write story about my adventure in the US and I did half of my homework in Korean. I spent the whole day in front of my laptop by working and studying. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone from my family or going out. I felt boring so I kept myself busy with these works, which was good because I finally start to work on projects which were my goal for almost year now. I also edited a video about Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Few more things to fix and it will be uploaded on Youtube. I wanted to finish my day with a movie so I started to watch High School Musical 2, but I fell asleep after 20 minutes as I was really tired.

On 7th I woke up at 2am and I watched all the 3 part of High School Musical. No wonder this movie became popular that time. They made a film showing it’s worth going and fighting for your dream despite your circumstance and surroundings. It shows well what happen if we don’t go for things that make us fulfilled.  I spend almost 2 hours listening to Disney’s song then after eating breakfast I went back to sleep until 5pm. We had dinner gathering and after I fell asleep pretty fast again.

Today on 8th I woke up and was lost as I didn’t know what to do after finishing my studies. I even wanted to call my ex to ask advice from him, but he didn’t answer. I was very confused and couldn’t see things clearly, I thought my mind was about to explode. Then I wrote all my thoughts down and made a mindmap following what the master said. What is my mission? Writing down my mission I listed things I need to do to achieve it. Then I narrowed it down, what I can and need to do this year. Doing so I calmed down and felt much easier. During the day I kept working on my thesis, I’m done with half of it, on my course and I wrote my story. Then I met my friend we had a good sushi and now I’m about to go to sleep again.

I feel much better by sleeping a lot, watching a lot of film, listening to motivated music from Disney movies, seeing myself working on projects I’ve always wanted to do and having my stomach full.

Writing my thesis at hostel in LA

What are the symptoms of post-travel depression?

  • You feel bored
  • You don’t  know what to do
  • You feel lost
  • You feel like you are limited by those around you
  • You feel like sleeping all day
  • You feel like you need to do something exciting
  • You want to travel again

What to do to overcome it?

  • Sleep: jetlag can only be cured by sleeping so your body can adjust to the current time
  • Meet your friends: surrounding yourself with people you can rely on or those who support you always make you feel better.
  • Keep yourself busy: you will miss adrenalin-high adventure, so this is the best time to work on things you have to do or want to do, or things that you kept procrastinating.
  • Stay productive: don’t just work hard, but work effective. If you see satisfying result from your work that will lift your mood up.
  • Go outside: staying at home all day will make you suffer more. Take a walk, inhale-exhale the fresh air, enjoy the wind, look at the sky, see what is around you. That will make you feel fresher and easier to get back to your everyday life.

This is the last post about this trip. Until my next travel my post will basically about how to prepare and travel alone as well as self-improvement experiences.

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