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The best medicine is nature

Since I started university back in 2013, there wasn’t a year when I didn’t travel. In no time, traveling became an essential part of my life. I formed a habit of working hard all through the year, and in the summer I take at least a month off just to travel, be with myself and regenerate.

It worked pretty well. As I worked beside studying I could barely have any day off. Even if I had, I had to spend that day to arrange my to-do task. So the only way not to burn out was traveling. After being far from my home, I always came back with a fresh mind and was ready to work again.

The start of the mental crisis

However, this year because of the coronavirus, I couldn’t travel anywhere. In Hungary, there was no lockdown in the summer anymore, but it wasn’t safe to travel so I didn’t go anywhere.

In the beginning, I thought everything would be alright as I enjoyed being at home a lot. I graduated, I worked from the comfort of my home and I simply enjoyed being in my own room for the whole day wearing pyjama. After graduation, I still worked from home, and to my luck working season started. I could arrange for everyone to fit into my schedule, the only thing I had to do was to turn on the laptop and sit in front of it. I started working 7 days a week, each day from the morning to the evening.

But something wasn’t right. I stayed in my country since November 2019 and worked from home since March 2020. One year already passed without exploring a new place. Out of a sudden this October, I fell into depression. Depression of monotonous daily routine. I don’t know if this exists or not, but I was burnt out. I became extremely sensitive, I got angry for no reason, and sometimes I just wanted to burst into tears. I felt something wasn’t right. I needed to have a rest.

Since I love my work, I couldn’t really bring myself to stop working even for a day. I tried the different methods on how to get myself out of that state. I tried to reach out to people, connect with them, hang out with them. But it wasn’t enough. I needed to travel. Or at least see something new, do something extraordinary.

Hiking to Prédikálószék – Connect with nature

Luckily 23rd of October came. It’s a national holiday. I said I’m going to put all the work aside. I’m going to do something different. I needed to recharge. The best place to do it is in nature. I asked my friend to come hiking with me. Out of many hiking spots in Hungary, we chose one of the hardest ones. To Prédikálószék (639 meters high).

Prédikálószék in clear weather

In the morning I drove to Dömös where I met my friend and we left from there. In the beginning, the road was still fine, the steep angle was manageable. I already felt good for seeing the trees, the green and nature. Then suddenly, it became extremely steep. I felt as if the road in front of me was standing at 90 degrees. I looked up and wondered how I was supposed to climb up there. It was painful. Catching my breath while trying not to slip down and cope with everything. I seriously wondered why I was there. But another question was, how will we come down?

I didn’t have time to think about that nor to give up. So I just kept going on until we arrived at Vadálló kövek. It is said that this part is the most critical one, as it is full of rocks and it is extremely steep. It is true. But the view was amazing. If only there wasn’t fog.

The reality

The day I finally had a day off was a boring day covered with white fog. Of course, we didn’t see anything but the whiteness. That was also demotivating for me. But the moment I got to Vadálló kövek and I could see the yellowish, greenish tree and another side of the mountain among the fog, I felt energetic. After that, I took a big breath and continued up to the Prédikálószék lookout tower. Well, I couldn’t expect to see anything but the white fog that covered the whole landscape. I had a little bit of rest with my friend then we took another road to go back. There was no way we would roll down the seem-to-be 90 degrees steep.

The view at the Vadálló kövek
The fog covered the Danube and the mountain

Our trail was 3,5 km long and the other one was 7.9 km long. It was longer but at least it was flat. We started to walk and I was amazed by the forest, colors, and a little bit of sunshine that could be seen from the fog.

In the middle of the forest

The satisfied result

It took us 4 hours in total to climb up and arrive back at the parking lot. I ended up having pain all over my body. I couldn’t see the landscape I expected to. But it was wonderful. I could finally be physically tired. Not just mentally as before. And I managed to overcome the big obstacle of crawling up on that steep road.

The success, nature, the new environment helped me to regenerate. I arrived home being tired, smelly, and full of pain, but I felt satisfied.

When the world situation hinders you from doing what you have always been doing, find a different way to reach the same result. I realized that Hungary has a lot of amazing places. To keep the social distance, nature is the best place. Hungary is full of that as well.

I learned to stop and allowed myself a day off to relax. Because when things get tough, learn to rest not quit.

Thanks to that, today I could finally make time and have content to write on my blog.

If you feel stuck in your everyday life, give yourself a day when you don’t do any work. Go out into nature and recharge yourself in it. It will help you to relieve stress and give you more motivation to continue!

Connect with the nature!

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