The most beautiful landscape of Slovenia

On our way home we stopped in Slovenia. Since we were only there for a few hours and I can’t explain the impression it left in me, this post will have more pictures than text.

We visited Vintgar gorge to have a rest and to enjoy the beautiful, natural landscape. Before I have seen photos about Lake Bled and I fell in love with it, so Slovenia got onto my bucket list. This time I couldn’t see the Lake Bled, but I could see the landscape with full of mountain with green trees and the gorge.

We left Bibione at around 8am and it took 4 hours to get to the border of Slovenia. When we crossed, the sights already changed. It was full of mountain and green trees. With the blue sky it was breathtaking. We arrived to Vintgar gorge and took a walk around it. Since it was between the mountain and the river was cold, the weather cooled down a lot. I didn’t check the time but I think the trail took around 1 or 1.5 hours.

After the gorge we went to have lunch at restaurant nearby and then left for home. We crossed Bled, the city, but unfortunately I couldn’t have a glimpse of the Lake Bled. I guess next time I will do a roadtrip to Slovenia to see it.


Our trip ended. It was a short but long trip. Short in time, but we saw a lot of places. Almost everyday we arrived home after 10pm. Though it was tiring and the weather was extremely hot, I really liked it. I could visit new places which are on my bucket list.

In the next two posts I will share our expense for this Europe tour and I will collect all the useful links and our accommodations so it will be easier for you to find informations about these cities in case you plan to visit them.

I hope you found useful informations so far. Two days later I’m leaving for Korea and then Dubai by myself. I will keep sharing experiences relating to my journey. If you are interested in some specific topic, let me know!

Useful links

Vintgar gorge:

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