Toronto: the old and new city

Toronto is one of the biggest city of Canada and popular city around the world. Normally we would think that as it is a big city, it must be crowded, full of traffic jam and have a big night life. No, Toronto is different. Toronto is for people who like to stay in big city, with a lot of shop nearby, but at the same time it is quite and calm. Here are few point why you should visit this city.

No crowd

With its 630.21 km2 and 2,731,571 population Toronto isn’t considered as a too crowded city. More exactly when you go out you don’t even see 50 people on the street. The best example to describe this state is China Town. Normally China Town looks like China, which mean it is full of people, you can’t even move in the crowd. China Town in Toronto is just like any other part of it. You can barely see 50 people in the area. If it’s not because of the writings on the shops are in Chinese, you probably won’t even realize that you are in China Town.
This makes living or travelling in Toronto more enjoyable as people don’t shove you over.

Old and new at the same place

Toronto has Old Town area, where the building, house are not made by glass, like the modern buildings. That gives you a Middle Age vibe, where you can experience how it feels like not living between the glass, modern building. Also many building even in the center of Toronto mix the old type architecture with the high, glass made building. To me this was a new and interesting experience that a big and popular city, doesn’t only shuffle the old part while building the modern area, but keep the historical part of it, makes it enjoyable for people who like historical city scene.

Old Town and modern buildings








 People are relaxed

If you go to Toronto you will realize that Torontonian are kind and relaxing. Unlike in busy city like New York, where people live in rush and are stressed, you won’t see anything similar in Toronto. As there is no crowd, there is no rush, so people look more relaxed. You rarely see anyone walking fast on the street either.
Also most of the population know both French and English, so even if you don’t speak English well, but know French, you will be fine.     

Traffic jam is another story

Although there is not that much people on the street, but there are a lot of cars. If you go to Toronto from Niagara Falls, when you reach Toronto you will probably need to sit in your car for a good 15 minutes as there are too much cars. When we were there by car we had to find a parking lot and leave the car there for the whole time we went sightseeing. Just like in any other big city, don’t try to sightsee with your car. Even if you can afford the parking fee everywhere you probably don’t want to deal with finding a parking lot or place.

The price of parking lot is different. In the weekend it is much cheaper than during the weekdays. We could park the car with paying 6 dollars for the whole day on Sunday. But on Monday we spent 30 dollars to park our car for 24 hours. Also you might want to go to parking lot by yourself to check if the price is really the way as it is shown on the website. For parking on Monday, on the internet the price was 12 dollars for the whole day and it turned out to be 30 dollars. I would recommend you to save more parking lot and check them in person before you pay to leave your car there.

The website where I searched parking lot:

Everything is in walking distance

Depends on how much you like to walk, but all the most important and popular tourist attraction are reachable by walking. It took us two days to see Casa Loma, Korean Town, China Town, Old Town and Eaton Centre. And at the same time we could spent time eating lunch in restaurant without rush.
So even if you don’t have car and you don’t want to pay for the public transport, you are good going around the city on foot.

Casa Loma
Shopping district

Affordable price

Although it is a big city in Canada, the price is affordable. If you look for accomodation much prior to your arriving, you can find a really good room with separate bathroom with relatively cheap price. Eating out in Korean Town and China Town would cost two people around 50 dollars with tax and you are full for the other half day. I would say comparing to New York, Toronto is much more affordable.


I hope with these information it will make you more determined and interested in visiting Toronto for your next trip.  🙂

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