Transition from childhood to adulthood

7th of March. It used to be a day I had been waiting for so long. I even planned ahead how I would celebrate this day. Because I wanted to get a lot of gift, a lot of “Happy Birthday” toast and a lot of people who celebrate it with me.

However, now that I turned 24, I realized I didn’t look forward to this day anymore. Because that’s the time I figured out I was growing up. Which means I need to start to take responsibility for myself. I can’t complain and make a fuss out of nowhere like before. Suddenly all the “Happy Birthday” toast and all the gifts became a burden to me.

Those words made me feel that I need to be matured. I need to stand in a queue of the working people who need to deal with everyday’s hardship. I need to start paying bills. Need to think about where to live and what to do for a living. Those gifts suddenly made me feel like I have more objects in the house that is not necessary at all. Instead of something useful, I don’t know what to do with them.

Benefits of fear

The transition from a dependent child to be an independent adult is not an easy process. Not to talk about accepting it. But it doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Because even though I get a shock from taking responsibility for myself I also gain a lot from it.

Freedom of choice. Taking a responsibility also means I have a freedom to choose how I want to live, which way I want to go. It’s difficult and scary to decide my own way. Suddenly I feel like I’m left alone. But I also believe that once I get use to it, that can be one of the best feeling. As I realize I don’t need to ask other’s permission to do things I want.

Experiences are more valuable than material things. As I’m getting older, I don’t get jealous because my friends get the newest smartphone or the newest clothes for their birthday. Instead I get jealous when they get an airplane ticket. Even before I didn’t know what to ask for my birthday. And now I’m more than happy if I can have a flight ticket as birthday gift. Or if I can travel on 7th of March. If that’s too much then a new experience, a new course, a chance to improve myself are also the best gift. In other words, I prefer gaining new experience.

The price

Everything can be good and bad. The main point is whatever we choose there is a price to it. When we are young, we are free from making choices, from taking responsibilities. Instead we are depended on who make decisions for us. When we grow up, we have the hard work in our hand. But instead we can be free and live the way we want.

Getting all the material gifts can be exciting. The best is that’s free. But is it really the thing you want or need? Having a flight ticket can be the best gift. But are you really ready to get on the plane and travel? Gifts can be really nice. But what will happen with it after? Are you ready to use them? After all are gifts really important?

These are the questions and thoughts that kept coming to my mind for the whole day. As a conclusion I realized it’s better not having gifts, unless it’s money. Because money can be used for anything that I want. 😀 I also admit that I’m growing up to be an adult. I’m growing up to be someone who takes care of others and herself. Therefore I’m working on taking responsibility and being more hardworking than before without complaining. That’s the only way I can cope with growing up to be an independent person.


  • ChangJu Oppa

    Happy Birthday. Giang.
    I leave a comment after reading your new article.
    First, Happy birthday!
    I really agree that the older you are, the higher responsibility for your behavior you have.
    That’s why I feel that I’m still young. Hahahahahaha
    I think I’m ready to take responsibilities for my behavior or outcome resulted from me.
    But I’m still afraid since I don’t know that this idea is either just gut or real readiness.

    I want to say that you’re ready to be an adult. A real adult, a woman ready to fight against the world.

    Thank you for your great writing and making me look back myself.
    I’m really looking forward to meeting you. 🙂
    Happy birthday again and have a nice dayyyyyyyyy.

    • admin

      Thank you a lot oppa. Your feedback calmed me down as I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. It’s scary but in the end we all will grow up to be a real man and real woman one day 😀 I hope to see you again soon as well. 🙂 Enjoy your day! 🙂

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