Two sides of Brussels

Our first stop was Paris and the next one is Brussels. We spent here 2 days in total where we saw the Old Town and the modern quarter.

Old town and Green area

We arrived to Brussels in the evening of 12th July where we crashed. The next day we had 4 hours to sightsee before we headed to Amsterdam. We visited the Old Town where we saw Mannekin Pis and the Grand Place. They were in walking distance so we walked around, ate Belgique waffle and then walked to Gare du Midi. There was so many people and we had our backpack as well so we weren’t that enthusiastic to wander around.

We went to bus station and went to Amsterdam by Ouibus, which took 4 hours. We came back the other day on 14th. We came back by Flixbus and arrived to Gare du Nord at night. Our hotel was near to the train station. However the road we walked through was a Red Light District where we saw all the adults stuff. I was so scared and felt shy. I just wanted to pass that area as fast as possible. Luckily we arrived to our hotel and crashed.

When we came here by bus it only took 3 hours. The bus passed a really beautiful road where we saw the royal palace and a green park. So the next day we went back there by bus. From Gare du Nord we took tram 3 and then changed to tram 7. However, due to the construction there was a replacement bus that took us up to the hill of green grass. We arrived to a park for children where we ate french fries. Then walked to Atomium. In 2015 when I was here I wanted to see the Atomium as well but it was too far from Old Town so I passed. Finally this time we had a chance to see it.

We ate an ice cream and just walked and relaxed in the nature. We even found the Royal Palace de Laeken which is a residence of the King of the Belgians. It is surrounded by fence and protected by guards so we cannot go near it. We went to Japanese tour near to the palace where there was a closed Japanese temple and garden. We even saw a Chinese pavillon but I think it was a part of the Palace as it was fenced off too.

The two part, Old town and the green hill was like two different areas. As if the green hill didn’t belong to Brussels.

We walked back to the bus station at 4pm then went back to the hotel to wait for the taxi.

I checked the price of the shuttle bus that left from Gare du Midi. It would cost 56 EUR for 4 people. The private taxi cost 77 EUR for us. So to leave comfortably we decided to call the taxi. It came 10 minutes before the pick up time and took 1 hour to the airport.

We flew with Wizzair from Charleroi Airport and to our unfortunate the flight was delayed for 1 hour. Therefore we arrived to Budapest at 00:45. My brother came for us and then we headed home for my graduation ceremony the next day.

Changes after 3 years

The last time I was in Brussels I really liked it. There wasn’t a lot of people, it was small and somehow it felt freshed. But this time I was surprised by the amount of people there. And I didn’t really like the atmosphere of the Old Town. The colour in total was too dark and it was also dirty. The roads were too narrow.

The good part was the Atomium. I really wanted to see it and I succeeded. The area was also beautiful, full of green. And the part of our hotel was also a modern quarter where the glass made offices were. The roads were cleaner as well.

Interesting facts

As for the languages, I thought Belgians speak English as well beside French. But this time I realized most of them only speak French and a little bit of English.

Everywhere 2 languages can be written. One is French, the other is Dutch as it is next to Netherlands.

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