Venice and Bibione

After leaving Florence we went to Venice and then my brother came for us and we headed to Bibione by car. We only spent 3.5 hours in Venice and then 3 another days in Bibione to have a rest with the whole family.


I have been to Venice once 2 years ago. That time I went on an organized bus tour which was only for 1 day. I was really tired, since we had to sleep in the car for 2 nights and that 1 day was a rush. We saw all the famous tourist sights and even went to another island, Murano to see how the glass is made. We also visited Burano, where the colourful houses and the vibe itself amazed me. I liked the city but I didn’t have time to enjoy it. And this time it wasn’t different either.

We arrived to Venice at 3pm by train. This time we went by Italo, which was a fast train. From Florence to Venice it took only 2 hours and the train even went at 300 km/h speed for few minutes. When I booked I thought we could only go until Venezia Mestre. But it turned out, if we had got off there, we would have had to go to Venice Santa Lucia, which is Venice island itself, by bus or train. My ticket was inspected once, but I knew they wouldn’t come too often, so even if I stayed on the train for one more station no one would realize it. We went until the terminal station. We had all the bags and luggage, so my mum decided to stay at the station to take care of them and let me take the others around.

Following the Google Maps, it took me almost 40 minutes to get to San Marco square. On the road we crossed the Rialto Bridge. Venice has many small street and the houses are really close to each other. The island itself doesn’t have any public transportation such as bus, tram, only gondola, water taxi, vaporetto functioning as public transport, all on water. That’s why it has its own vibe.

Venice has its own traditional Carnival that takes place every year (next year it will be between 16th February to 5th March 2019). During the Carnival they wear mask. That’s why you can find mask in almost every shop. They are really interesting and that brings a special feeling and ambiance to the city.

Walking around the city you will cross many bridges and meet many dead-end. I felt like as if I was in a maze. Fortunately the way to San Marco square and Rialto Bridge are always shown. So if you follow the signs then you can get to these two main destinations. We arrived to San Marco square and wanted to go to the St. Mark’s Basilica but it was already closed at around 4pm. We saw the Clock Tower which was really unique due to its architecture. Most of the sightseeing are along the Grand Canal.

Honestly I didn’t really care about the sights in Venice. What made me amazed was simply the vibe itself. It has a really different feeling as if I went back to the time and in a different world. The fact that houses are close to each other, there are many small roads, it makes me feel as if I’m in medieval era. There are no buses, trams, even bicycles can rarely be seen. I hope one day I can spend a little bit more time over there to fully enjoy it.

This time I didn’t really like to leave my mum at the station so I always wanted to hurry. Going back from San Marco we took vaporetto that cost 7.50 EUR per person and went through the Grand Canal. I thought it wouldn’t be that hot, since we were on the water, but the number of people on the vehicle wasn’t a joke. It was really hot and the road was long. But the sight was really nice. I think sailing with gondola would make a good atmosphere there (if the sun didn’t shine that strong :D).

We arrived back to Venezia Santa Lucia train station and waited for my brother for an hour. Then we had to walk to P. le Roma, vaporetto station, where my brother parked his car. If you go by car, you will need to leave your car over there and then walk to Venice.


We arrived to Bibione in 1 hour from Venice by car. We stayed in apartment and around there were a lot of swimming pool. That day we only had dinner and took a walk around the shopping street. The next day we went to the beach at noon and in the afternoon again. In the evening we walked around to eat ice cream. Italian Gelato ice cream is my favourite ice cream. The portion is huge and it usually costs 2.50 EUR. It is really cheap comparing the price in Hungary. And they are delicious.

The 3rd day we went to catch crab in the early morning at 5am. I was really sleepy but I wanted to see how it actually looks like. I didn’t dare to touch any crab, even if they were small. My family did it, I only took a picture. I also saw the sunrise. It was really beautiful. It was worth waking up early. That day we didn’t do anything else special, beside eating and going to the beach.

Our trip ended. On our way home we stopped in Slovenia and went to Vintgar gorge. I will write about it in detail in the next post.

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