Vienna – the medieval but powerful appearance

After Brussels we went back to Hungary for a day to attend my graduation ceremoy on 16th July. The next day on 17th July at 6:45 we got on the bus to Vienna. We went by Flixbus and arrived to Vienna at 9:45. Vienna is a neighborhood country of Hungary and during the history the two country used to be one as Austro-Hungarian Empire. Therefore there are similarities between the two capital city’s structure, however, in my opinion I find Vienna medieval but much more luxurious and royal.

After arriving we took metro and tram to our accommodation and left our luggage there. Then we went to Schönbrunn Palace by metro U4. We saw a royal garden which is pretty big. Behind the palace there are 6 flower garden decorated as if they were a carpet. There is a hill going up to a big gate. It was nice but comparing to Versailles, I find Versailles much more beautiful.

Though, here there are lot more activities to do. There are zoo, maze and concerts. We went to play in the maze, then wanted to go home, but it started to rain. We went back to the hotel by metro U4 and tram 0. We had a bit of rest then went to see St. Stephen’s Cathedral and its inside. It was built in 12th century and it was reflected in its interior architecture. You can see and feel the age of it. We also saw the Hofburg Palace, the Vienna Parliament and went a big round until we arrived back to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Vienna is not big but it’s clean. And the architectures are white and greenish. Therefore it looks really luxurious and rich.

We arrived home around 10pm or even later. Then went to bed and the next day we headed to the airport after checking-out. We took the train S7 from Praterstern to the airport.

Our flight was late for 20 minutes, however, we spent that time by playing card games. When the plane arrived we left for Rome.

Interesting fact

You can buy ticket from any ticket machines and pay by cash or bank card unlike Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. But on the public transport you will hardly ever see any ticket controller to check your ticket. Of course for security buy a ticket once you get on any public transportation. But be prepared that your ticket probably might not get checked.

However, Vienna is not big, so you can also sightsee on foot comfortably.

Vienna airport is outside of Vienna. So when you go there you need a ticket inside Vienna and another ticket outside of Vienna which cost 1.80 EUR. But it wasn’t checked either. Even though tickets are not inspected I still suggest you to buy one, because you never know.

Horses and horse carriages are everywhere.

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