We should slow down

So this time I went to Poland for a short 2 days to attend a wedding of my mom’s friend’s son. At first I hesitated, since the last time I met them was 5 years ago and that was the first and last so far. Still they remembered me and invited me to the wedding. I felt honoured so I also wanted to go. We decided to go with my mum, but then she had to cancel it in the last minute because of family matter. I had to go alone, since leaving a booked flight ticket is my nightmare.

Still I had to think twice before deciding to get on the plane. Since it meant I had to quit teaching for two and half days. I felt pity on money, but I also knew that chance didn’t come twice and I also needed to rest. So even if I felt pity I left.

The wedding turned out really well and beautiful. I was glad I attended. I also talked with Auntie, who was the groom’s mother. We talked about how workaholic Vietnamese people were. Usually the Vietnamese (and actually everyone in this world) works all day long for the whole week just to make sure they have money to take care of their kids and create their ideal life. Little do they realize that time flies and the moment they have enough money their life is about to end as well.

I used to blame my parents a lot for working a lot. Of course the moment I grew up and started working I did the same. Right now I’m working 7 days a week almost from morning to evening. I barely have free time or energy to do things I want to. I have money, but my mood is going down. I wondered how people could live like this for their whole life when I’m already overwhelmed and burnt out. So I decided to learn how to let go. I don’t stress anymore if someone quit learning from me. I don’t feel pity if I choose travelling instead of teaching. So this 2-day trip, even if my mum couldn’t go, and I felt a bit pity and didn’t know what to expect in Poland, I still decided to leave.

I knew I needed time for myself and time to relax and to change. Though the trip wasn’t that relaxing as I hoped, but I was glad I could meet new people, new way of organizing a wedding and one more time the process of Vietnamese wedding.

So once again, I realize money is important, and I still love money. But it is not everything. If you have money but no happiness or joy, then money also loses its value. We should work and earn, but at the same time we should also know how to stop and spend time on what and with whom that really make us happy.

We should learn how to enjoy the life we have first to create the one we want.

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