What if you realize you are studying a wrong major?

It’s been a long time since I wrote a new post. Fortunately my exams are all finished so from now on I will continue to write again.

As I just finished with my exams a question aroused in me. “Do I want to continue to study here?”

The problem is not the studying itself but the reason and the way of studying. Day by day I question myself what I truly want to achieve in life and how I can do that the fastest and most effective way. Everytime the answer is to study higher but if I look at the education system it doesn’t seem like it can really help me.

Example from the past

The same situation happened when I changed my major from French to Korean studies. I went to university with a conviction that I want to apply for scholarship to study abroad. Therefore I only needed to enter the university, the easier the better. After studying 1.5 years in French major I realized I don’t see my future in it. The scholarship didn’t matter anymore. I wanted to see how I could use the knowledge I gained from there. When I didn’t know how to speak in every day life but the lessons and the exams were all about phonetics, syntax, I was convinced that it was pointless to study something that I didn’t understand, I wasn’t interested in nor wanted to work with. So with a quick decision I changed my major to study something I was totally interested in.

Of course I was worried about the time. Instead of finishing school at the age of 21, I graduated at the age of 23. But I would be 23 anyway, the difference is that I didn’t waste my time studying what I didn’t care about.

Encountered another problem

When I finished bachelor program, I realized I wanted to do something else where I can learn about the world more, so I wanted to travel. At that moment I got an opportunity from university. But the condition was that I had to continue my studies. So in the end I stayed. My aim with postgraduate degree is the opportunity, not the study itself. But now after the first semester I questioned myself whether it was worth it.

Few day ago I went to high school class reunion. Talking to my former classmates, all of them said, it’s not how much you study that matters, but how much work experience you have. Therefore school is just a tool for us to gain more experience and to try ourselves in different areas. It is a good place to network and to gain more knowledge. It would be so nice to just attend university because of all these experiences, but what about the studying part. We still need to attend classes, take exams. And this is where the problems begin.

Sitting in the class, sometimes I wonder what the meaning of life is. Yes, because the lesson is “so interesting and practical”. I could gain the same knowledge in different way which is more effective. And to be honest if I didn’t have all the opportunities I would already quit.

Reflection questions

This is when questions arise. I asked myself these questions many times:

  • Which is more important? The opportunity that university provide, the degree or travelling?
  • Can I achieve my goals different ways? If yes, then do I really need to study here?
  • Is the opportunities that university provide that attractive?
  • Do I see future in studying this major?

Since most of my answers were ‘no’, I changed my major from French to Korean. Though I was worried, I didn’t think a lot whether it took more time to get a degree. I knew if I didn’t do it that time I would regret later. So I changed.

But now that I know I can reach the same goals either I study or I quit, I can’t choose which way would be the best for me. What I really want to do right now is to go to Australia for 1 year, starting my own online business. However, even if I finish my master I still have time to go to Australia. As for online business I can do it during my studies as well. What makes me think a lot is that I don’t agree with the education system and the way they teach us.

This leads to conclusion that though I realized I don’t want to continue my major I will still do it to keep the opportunities. However, I will change. Instead of simply following what my teachers say I should find my own way to make the best out of my studies. Taking them as opportunity to improve my Korean language as well as doing research in areas I’m really interested in. At the same time continue with what I want to achieve.

The key is to arrange my time the way everything can fit there.

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