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What working in resort taught me about attitude

As a university student in summer I worked in a 4-star resort as a housekeeper and while cleaning the rooms I learned a lot of things that changed my attitude and view. Honestly to say, as a student we don’t have that much sense of responsibility. Like if we fail a subject in college we can retake it next time or next semester. That failure doesn’t affect hugely anyone. But in the world of working or real life, it is not like that. If I have to describe the world of student and the world of worker, I would say school is like a playground where you have fun and the effect of failures are minor. The world of working is like battleground, whatever you do it will have a remaining consequence and effect and you have to take responsibility for your act.

Here are 6 lessons I learned, while working abroad, in order to do a good job, create a good impression of myself in other people’s eyes and satisfy my guests.

There is no I, there is we

As a student when you fail or success people only say “She is such a good student!” That time other people only see you. In the world of working people don’t only see you and have an opinion of you, but they have opinion, an impression of your family, of your nationality. Which means if you do your job well, people will think like “Wow that vietnamese girl is really good, her parents raised her really well, I guess vietnamese people are all hard-working like her and this place must treat their employee really well!” And of course if you do a poor job, people will have a negative judgement of you, of your family and of your country and of the place where you are working too.

Personal life vs professional life

All of us has a day when we don’t want to go to work, when we are tired, sad, angry, but the moment you step into your workplace all these emotions cannot take place in you, until you get off work. Before the guest, client always maintain your positive attitude and your smile. It doesn’t make sense letting your anger at your coworker neither. Since we are all humans, we tend to see only the surface. Clients and coworkers will only see that you are an a**hole, and they won’t make time to understand your inner problems. So whether you have a bad or good day, always maintain your positivity when you are at work.

“If I was the guest, would I be happy to have a room like this?”

Whenever I was lazy to wipe the table or to put the toilet paper in a wrong side, I ask myself whether I would be happy if my hotel room was like this. Whenever the answer was “no” I went and wiped that table and changed the toilet paper into the correct side.  Whatever you do, however you feel like behaving think first before you take an action. If you don’t want that other people to treat you like that that don’t behave like that. It is true from the opposite: however you want other people to treat you, treat them like that! It is not something that is easy to do, but with practising and self-controlling we all can make it.

Smiling is contagious

People who smile more are more likely to be liked than those who don’t. For example during my work as a housekeeper, whenever I saw a guest I greeted them with a big smile. The feedback I got was like “you have a beautiful smile”. And like this they weren’t only satisfied with my job but also personally with me too. And I got tip from them. Whatever you, wherever you are, the moment you see someone for the first time the first impression is very important. And smiling is contagious. When you smile, the other person will smile too. When you smile even if you feel bad you will feel better and more energetic. And this is contagious too, the other person will also be in better mood. People will remember how you make them feel, so if you make them feel good, they will like you and support you.

Helping and getting help are the most valuable act

I will never forget the day when I couldn’t finish cleaning 7 check-out rooms and my manager, my supervisor and the housemen came down to help me cleaning. Their task wasn’t to make the bed or clean the toilet, but in order to finish all the rooms and make the guests have a wonderful holiday they didn’t mind doing stuff they don’t need to. At first it might make you feel awkward and shameful since you feel like you always need help from the others to end a task. But remember that is NOT a problem. We are working together one might be faster than the other, and it is a basic responsibility to help the others in need in order to give the best service for the guest or client.

Everything is connected

Remember that when you work, everything you do has a major consequence, it can be good or bad. Imagine if you don’t help your coworker to finish the task in time what will happen? Your boss will yell at you?! Not that simple! The clients won’t get their service in time, so next time they won’t come to your company, and they will tell this to their friends, and then their friends will spread this rumor and in the end what happens?! No customer, no work, no income, the company goes bankrupt and you are fired. And this is the same if you make time to help your coworker. Everything is done in time, the clients are satisfied, they will spread the good rumor of your company, many people will come to you, there a lot of income and then you get promoted. Today is the world of information, everything is spreaded fast, so make sure you have a trustworthy, reliable image for your clients.



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