Why I started this blog?

Hello Readers,

It has been a quite long time since I last posted here. Since right now I’m not travelling and I cannot tell when my next trip is, I decided to share my experience from why I started this blog through the hardship I encountered to the lessons I learned in life. My aim is to motivate you to see the world differently.

Since my childhood I always analyzed why we are the way we are. Why are we a person? Why the things are like that? There were many ‘Why’ questions around me and I kept analyzing it. When I got into Primary school I realized I’m different from my classmates. Whatever I say, they told me, it’s only like that because you are Vietnamese, it’s not the same for us. I didn’t understand what they meant. What is the difference between Hungarian and Vietnamese? Later I was told that I was Chinese. I told them I was Vietnamese, but they kept saying I was Chinese.

For a 6-year old child experiencing all these discrimination and not understanding why, can have a bad effect on her. I suffered fighting against being treated differently, being bullied verbally. I didn’t dare to take the usual road to school just to avoid those that always gibed at me.

My parents and brothers told me to ignore them, take it as they were talking to the air. If not then gibe back at them. I couldn’t do so. I didn’t understand how to ignore them, when they kept saying it to me.

When I graduated Primary school I decided to go to a good high school, where high intelligent people studied. And everything was different. At my new school people never called me Chinese, never mocked me beacuse of my appearance. I finally felt much better. At university being different was usual, as many people from different nationality study in one campus. University was the best place I could study.

The more I interact to the world, the more I understand it and the more I learned how to ignore the bad comments. Just like what my parents said. Ignore them.

“If I give you a candy and you don’t take it, then whose is that candy?” – Still mine.

The same with the bad comments. If they say but I don’t listen, don’t care. Then they are talking to themselves. What they say is not about me, but about them. It doesn’t determine who I am, but who they are.

The more I grow up, and the more I’m in the world, the more experience I gain. And I realize I don’t have the same point of view like other people.

That’s why I decide to start this post series, sharing my views, my experience to you, with the aim that we all can see the world from another perspective therefore to understand people around us better regardless their age, gender, nationality. My post will cover thoughts about reducing stress, interacting with people, education, environment. When I travel I will also write about my journey.

I hope you can also share your experience, opinion and feedback so I can improve the quality of my writing and engage with you.

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I hope to see you!


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