Why Vietnam is one of the country you should visit?



(Photo was taken at Con Dao Resort, at Con Dao island)

Vietnam is a country that forms an S line in the Southeast Asia. It is on the border with China, Cambodia and Thailand. When I was there for a month visiting my relatives, I was totally amazed by the landscape of my homeland. Also it was a bit of culture shock for me when people treat me much more differently than in Hungary. In this article I would like to write down some points why you should visit Vietnam.

Interesting places to see

Vietnam has many exciting islands that make you feel like you are in Hawaii. So if you want to relax in an extraordinary place, then these islands are your best choice. My favourite one is Con Dao Island in the south.
With many Buddhism pagoda in the country, you can get an insight of the Vietnamese’s connection to Buddha.
The scene of the green rice field in countryside will bring you to a natural beauty of the nature. If you are interested in culture, then you can also get to know some of ethnic minorities who live in Vietnam (for example: in Sapa), so you can understand why our accent is so different in different places.

Warm-hearted locals

The Vietnamese are really warm-hearted and hospitable. Sometimes for the westerners it might be a bit strange that the Vietnamese come so close to them, but it doesn’t have any offense meaning. It’s just their personal distance is smaller than the westerners’. At first it might be a bit awkward, but when you get use to it, you can feel the warm hospitability of the Vietnamese.

You never get hungry

You can find food in every street and most of them are traditional Vietnamese food, like Pho, Spring Roll, Bun Cha. You can taste various famous, traditional Vietnamese food, without spending too much money on your meal. Also if you don’t like fast foods you won’t find many of them in Vietnam, since there are many other food which is healthier and more delicious.

Affordable place

Vietnam is not an expensive place. If you come here from a Western country, you will be surprised by the prices here, since everything is cheaper than in the West. You might find yourself to be a rich one here in Vietnam. Also it is a convenient place, because whenever something goes wrong, like your shoes have a hole or your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, you can always find repair shop nearby. You can buy textil materials to make your own clothes as well, and they are all with an affordable price.

Different culture in one country

There are 54 ethnic minorities who live in Vietnam, in different area. So for example when you visit Sapa, you will find yourself facing with Hmong people wearing an unusual traditional clothes.  You will have a chance to meet people from different ethnic also. This is also one of the reason that Vietnam has so many dialect.

Even the Vietnamese can’t understand each other

It’s not about they can’t agree on things, but more likely because of the dialect. Vietnam has many dialects, that even the local can’t understand it. There are dialect in the North, in the Central and in the South of Vietnam. Usually people use different words in the South and in the North. And you almost cannot understand the dialect that is used in the Central Vietnam. But that’s what makes Vietnam outstanding from the other Asian countries.


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